Liberty High School Football:


Mission Statement:

To unlock greatness in the athletes we coach and launch them into becoming individuals who take action and lead with empathy, integrity, and joy.


A foundational principle of not only our football program, but also our entire Liberty community, is “We are One.” In 2008, our team was introduced to the Zulu word Ubuntu, which means: I am because we are. Your success is my success. Your failure is my failure. Our humanity is inextricably linked together. What happens to you, happens to me. Ubuntu evolved into “We are One,” and this concept is embedded in the culture of Liberty High School. This sense of togetherness and unity – in times of both success and failure – is at the core of what makes Liberty Football so special.



“It’s about direction, not perfection.”

  1. Treat Everyone with Dignity and Respect: each other, opponents, officials, family & fans
  2. Expect and Pursue Excellence: in our relationships, effort, and preparation
  3. Maintain Balance: football is not the priority, but it is a priority in our lives.
  4. Build Men for Life: R.O.C.K.s for life.
  5. Enjoy the Journey: an era of legendary joy!



R – Responsible.  A ROCK is response-able. Rather than reacting emotionally or thoughtlessly, a ROCK responds according to his convictions, values, and beliefs. He is focused on controlling the controllables.

O – Others. A Rock is a man built for others. Rather than living in the mirror room, a ROCK lives in the window room. He’s a servant-leader who looks to meet the needs of others before his own.

CCommunity. A ROCK is part of and helps build loving, authentic, supportive community. A ROCK knows that isolation is the enemy, and it’s through committed relationship with others that we truly become our best selves and help others do the same.

KKnife. A ROCK has the courage to lean into the knife. He knows that hardship, adversity, and struggle are part of life’s journey. Rather than avoiding the difficult task, conversation, or decision, a ROCK leans into the knife, knowing each time he does, he becomes that much stronger.



On the Gridiron

The Patriots have reached the playoffs in 11 of the past 14 years (including the past 8 years in a row), playing for the State Championship in 2009 & 2016, as well as a State Semifinal appearance in 2018, and State Quarterfinal finishes in 2008, 2010, and 2017.

Dozens and dozens of Patriots have gone on to successful collegiate football careers from Division I to NAIA. All the Pac-12 schools are regular visitors to our campus, as well coaches from smaller schools across the West.


In the Classroom

Excellence in the classroom = Excellence on the field. Excellence is not a sometime choice; it’s an all the time - in every area - choice.

To steal a phrase from former University of Washington, and Boise State University Head Football Coach Chris Peterson: “Life is Plan A. Football is Plan B.” Football can only last so long; that’s why it’s Plan B. Plan A is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, and part of a life of excellence is measured in your commitment to excellence in the classroom.

Over the past seven years, our football teams have won nearly 80% of our games (56-15).  Those same teams have a cumulative 3.2 grade point average. The culture of Liberty Football can be summed up this way: Excellence is a lifestyle.




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